Ever wish you could sit down with a coach and pick their brain about what makes them successful? Ever want to get an honest answer that directly applies to your business but don’t want to spend months on Google searching and analyzing?


When I started out in photography over a decade ago, I thought that having a good eye was enough to get me business. Sadly, it was not. When it comes to running a photography studio 85% of what I do is business related and only about 15% is actually shooting and editing.


One-on-One instruction is the best way to get answers to all your questions and help pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses in your business. Whether you choose one day of instruction or an ongoing mentorship, I will teach you exactly how to overcome your struggles and build the business of your dreams. Forget endless social media crowdsourcing or seminars with hundreds of attendees. Forget cookie cutter formulas and promises of overnight success. Get personal attention and customized plans that you need to grow your business and photography skills.  


Choose from these instruction modules, or make up your own!


  •          Photoshop
  •          Retouching Basics
  •          Pricing for Profit
  •          The Business of Photography
  •          Digital Photography Basics
  •          Developing Your Style
  •          In-person Sales
  •          Digital to Analog: Selling Printed Products
  •          Social Media Marketing
  •          Building a Brand
  •          Studio Lighting
  •          On-Location Lighting
  •          Posing
  •          SEO
  •          Shoot Workflow Management
  •          Image Critique



If you aren’t sure about booking your mentoring session or which topics you’d like help in, please send me a note and we can set up a FREE 30 minute consult via Skype/Facebook or Phone to chat about what you need and how I can help.

Once your mentoring session is booked, we will discuss a list of topics that interest you and develop a curriculum based on those topics. We’ll help you plan any gear or equipment that you may need to bring, or help you find a model if your session involves portraiture. Then simply come in for your session and learn like crazy! We’ll provide the coffee…

There are two types of instruction we offer:

Crash Courses allow you to learn as much as you can in a two hour, half day, or full day lesson.
Mentorships allow you to have consistent instruction to grow your skills over time.

Crash Course Instruction

Learn as much as you can in one meeting. Don’t let the name fool you – our Crash Course Instruction can be as basic or as advanced as you choose.

Crash Courses must be paid in full prior to instruction date. Save 10% (up to $80 off) by booking a weekday!

Ongoing Mentorship

Need more than just a Crash Course? Our ongoing Mentorship plans allow you to learn as you grow; refining your curriculum as your photography and business skills change with time.